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Manicure And Pedicure
Count on our professional therapists for best services for your manicure and pedicure treatments

Body Exfoliation
At C4 Beauty and SPA, our body exfoliation treatments are done very efficiently.

Waxing, Eyelashes, Gel Polish
We don't compromise quality while rendering our services. Our works speak for us.

Unisex Salon for All Ages
You are assured of either a wonderful new look or we can enhance your current look. Your wish is our command .

Nail Studio
If you want to wear a beautiful and lasting nails, look no farther than C4Beauty and SPA

Additional Services

We offer even much more services....
We have our very effective beauty products and We offer consulting services on beauty and SPA treatments.

Best Proposals

Corporate Packages
We offer corporate services to companies, organizations and multinationals in both private and public sectors.

Our corporate packages include special beauty & SPA services and consulting for your executives bi-monthly, quarterly or annually. Kindly call us for more details.

About Our Services

100% Rejuvination!

We continue to improve on our services by sending our therapist on special trainings within and outside the country. C4Beauty will always give oustanding services to our customers. We ensure you leave to come back again...

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